Raptors vs Clippers @ Roger’s Arena. Buy Tickets and Book Limos Now

Since the Grizzlies left for Minnesota, Vancouver (and pretty much of all of Western Canada) has been void of professional basketball for more than a decade. But it looks like 2010 Winter Olympic host will be hosting an NBA Pre-season game very soon. It’s bound to be a sell out event and I for one don’t plan to miss it. Nor am I planning to fight through traffic and pay parking in Downtown Vancouver. This is a perfect time for us to call up Vancouver limo service expert, Urban Limousines. I usually roll with Fabulous but this time I’ll try a different company. Will let you know how everything goes after the game.

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Warriors Win! In-Depth Analysis of the 2015 NBA Finals

Admittedly I also celebrated along side the Warriors from the comfort of what I consider the best Vancouver limo service. I know I squashed my wife’s dream of riding one last time in Portland so I rewarded both of us with a fabulous limo ride to Richmond’s River Rock Casino. I mean it’s been 40 long years since Golden State won an NBA championship. We’re watching history in the making – that’s more than worthy enough of luxurious celebration, limos and all.

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Portland Trip Hightlights

My wife was pretty eager to go shopping in the States in luxury so I called this limo service to check their rates. I also had an itch to see a live NBA game so I was looking forward to a weekend getaway. Since losing the Seattle Sonics to OKC, the closest team to watch within driving distance (sort of) is the Portland Trailblazers. Hence we decided on Portland. Hey, tax free shopping is always a bonus.

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King James the GOAT? Hmm Not Quite

After 12 seasons in the NBA, Lebron James has 2 rings, an Olympic gold medal, 4 MVPs, and countless other accolades. For any other active player, Lebron’s resume would be a dream come true…well unless your name happens to be Kobe Bryant. But even Kobe’s got to admit Lebron is quite possibly the most dominant player the league has seen since well, himself. That size, speed, and skill make Lebron James the most dangerous player in the game today. It’s no wonder he was also the most desired Free Agent during the whole Decision fiasco.

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Derrick Rose – A Miraculous Comback

So I mentioned in my previous post on my 2015 Playoff predictions that I think the Bulls will come out on top. The catalyst for that to happen is Derrick Rose. This young man is crazy explosive and unfortunately, that style of play has cost him 2 seasons due to knee injuries. But he’s back for his first full season and the bulls are doing well in Round 1 of the playoffs. This post is a tribute to him and all he’s done for the city of Chicago. You have to admit, even the great Michael Jordan would have to appreciate what he is doing despite what he just recovered from.

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2015 NBA Playoff Predictions

The first round of the playoffs is well underway I wanted to share my bold prediction as to which teams will come out on top. Besides the fan favourites Cleaveland, Atlanta, San Antonio, and Golden State, I actually think Chicago as a shot to challenge the East. And the darkhorse of the West has got to be the LA Clippers. My gut may be way out there on this one, but I felt good about my pick and bet a good steak dinner with my buddy

Without further ado, here is my playoff picture:

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Breaking the Ice

Are you a baller? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. New T9 Ball is everything you need to be up to date in the world of NBA ball – complete with my commentary and reactions from all big games. The 2015 NBA playoffs is the perfect time to kick-start my blog. This is an All-Ball Blog done my way, very different from Sekou Smith’s commentary from nba.com. I talk about games, players, trades, and even new apparel. As Spike once said “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!”

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